Torment: Tides of Numenera includes essential information needed to understand game mechanics of the latest game by inXile studio. The guide was divided into two main parts: an in-game guide and a walkthrough. The game guide provides information on the most important elements of the game. A significant amount of details was devoted to game mechanics such as combat system, skill checks and dialogues
Several chapters were devoted to the complex process of character creation. All the available character classes and additional modifiers describing the main hero were also listed. In addition, a chapter concerning potential companions was prepared. Beginners will find the glossary, which helps to become accustomed with the specific and complex game world, very helpful. 
The other part of the guide includes a description of all the available quests and activities. Every major location has a specially prepared map, with all the important locations and characters marked. An appropriate sub-chapter of the map includes a description of all the available quests and activities in a given location, and information on the starting point, how to unlock it and how to complete it. A separate chapter was devoted to the world map and suggestions on how to explore its areas. 
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