The celebrated author of Stir of Echoes and Hell House offers a fascinating exploration of parapsychology and its history.

In Mediums Rare, horror and science fiction novelist Richard Matheson shares a personal project inspired by his lifelong interest in all things paranormal. Here is a brief account of psychic beginnings, covering subjects like telepathy, ESP, paranormal activity, and more.

Parapsychology, today, utilizes highly advanced methodology. It has, long since, left behind the era of dim-lit parlors and spiritual melodramatics. It is, now, a completely legitimate field of study based upon precise and sophisticated test procedures. But it began quite differently.

Matheson takes readers on a journey through paranormal history, beginning in Greek antiquity and making his way toward renowned American psychic Edgar Cayce. Along the way, he recounts episodes like the Margaret and Kate Fox, young sisters who, in 1848, convinced others they were in touch with ghosts in a haunted house. There’s also Civil War-era medium Nettie Colburn who aided President Lincoln and may have channeled Daniel Webster. Other episodes include New England mediums “Mrs. Leonard and Mrs. Piper” and the great magician Harry Houdini.
“Fans of parapsychology or of Matheson’s other works should enjoy this lively exploration of great topics that inform the genre and have become legendary.”—Publishers Weekly

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